We are looking for unique and innovative Intellectual property that has been commercialized. In CO, this can include responsible MMJ goods and services. Our vision is to help fund emerging digital economy brands within the confines of Rule 504 (interstate) and take it from there under HB-15-1246 (intrastate) if appropriate under the CO ECF Rules and taking into account the scalability of the IP as a business model.. 


The company is planning to raise the sum of $25M under Title IV of the Jobs Act 2012. Referred to as a "mini IPO" the Reg A+ offerings permitted under Title IV, provide a very effective and low cost manner in which to raise capital for investment into Related Affiliates under the Club EZYX program. The objective of the capital is to provide post ECF, Series A funding for affiliates that are scalable through the Equity-Licensing template. A template that recovers the core MCV of an IPCOM, thus providing a de-facto sinking fund for such affiliates..


Incorporated in CO, CCCC developed a "Unit of Account" that can be used to make payments on a P2P (Peer 2 Peer) basis using an online, digital complementary currency (CC). The CC is a collateralized derivative created through the monetization of a portion of the sale price of goods and services loaded into the Trading System by Merchant Members. Effectively, the system turns "Discounts 2 Dollars" - meaning that a merchant does not need to ever discount their goods and services as the discounts turn to $'s.


Incorporated in CO, EZYC is a supplier of software based management solutions to the smaller end of the global hire and rental industry. The company makes an excellent case study of (1) how changing technology can impact on smaller business entities and (2) how equity-centric sales campaigns can remake a business model. The company is an example of why owners of companies considering ECF must take a long term view on the time needed to bring a capital raising program to market. 


Incorporated in CO, EZYX is in the early phase of rolling out a Fintech digital eco-system that has as its objective, the delivery of an end to end solution for investors who take equity positions in ECF funded private companies. The model is a combination of both subscriber and transaction based revenue streams. Medium to Long term minority equity positions may be taken either (1) indirectly or (2) directly in Club-EZYX target companies.


It all starts with a "pitch" This is followed by an "Expression of Interest" (EOI) This is followed by a template based disclosure document. After all every successful commercial undertaking is system-centric. EFC is no different. It does however take time. Always plan on anywhere between 3 & 12 months from start to closing a capital round. VC's and Angels do. So do Accredited Investors. Non-accredited investors on Main St should ideally take the same approach. Look at what is in the pipeline and start asking questions.. .

WEB ECF pipeline bookbuildING v web ECF pump 'n dump THEATER


We prefer an adaptation of the "book-build" process. Let investors know what's in the pipeline. Deploy a meaningful due diligence process using a template that complies with best practice such as applies in the SCOR process. One adopted by 43 States across the US for Reg D offerings of up to $1M without audited accounts.


EZYX follows the template that NASAA developed and approved for the Small Corporate Offerings Registration (SCOR) program. Until Title III Federal (SEC) Rules are promulgated, EZYX will follow the SCOR process and use disclosure templates that we know are accepted by both Regulators' and financial services oversight groups such as NASAA and 

While other ECF Intermediary sites typically "showcase" private company ECF offerings only when they are ready to go to market, this is a philosophy that EZYX does not support. Our reasoning is simple. ECF is a new and disruptive financial services sector investment product with (1) typically no audited accounts and (2) no standard disclosure process that investors can rely on. Absent the traditional "public offering", there must be a due diligence period, Giving investors "30 days to closing" and other hurry-along phrases just does not cut it with us. Show a pipeline that investors can observe. We do through our Club-EZYX process. The business must also be scalable through third party participation, creating "JOBS" - the core premise of ECF laws..

Above - do come back soon and see some more CO early EGC stage companies rising above the peaks. If you own a CO incorporated EGC, do tell us what your ECF needs are and let's see how we can together structure your ongoing growth needs through Club EzyX Not just through Equity Crowdfunding but also through an Equity Licensing template. Email us now...


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*EGC = Emerging Growth Company - Title I - Jobs Act 2012

ECF = Equity Crowdfunding




The EOI documents pictured on this page relate to a growing number of planned offerings that EzyXchange has supported the preparation thereof as a Capital Program Sponsor to help the entrepreneurs bring their offering to the market as a DIY product..

The EOI show here are made available only under Rule 504, of Regulation D and Title II and IV of the Jobs Act 2012. One or more of these companies may file an ECF raise under CO ECF law at some future date. This means that only Rule 501 qualifying parties (accredited investors) may participate in these offerings when they become available. Title II offerings are open to Rule 501 investors from any location in (1) the USA and (2) any jurisdiction outside of the US where local securities legislation permits qualifying residents in those countries to participate.

it is possible that one or more of these Rule 504 offerings may be made available in CO under ECF law at some future date. 

Creating jobs, restoring whanau wealth and rebuilding rural communities for "Whanau on the Whenua" 

Beating up a musical storm!


The company is planning to raise the sum of $1M under Rule 504 to support the purchase of the "Castle" in Tirau, NZ as part of the business plan to build a multi-facility family fun destination. The development of a boutique (craft) beer brewery on the site under the brand name of the "Artland Brewing Co" is planned together with its medieval castle "dungeon" themed bar and bistro creating a unique visitor experience. The development of an Eco-Village" will further support the growth of the "Kingdom" into an innovative and fun place to be!

Innovative themed lodging operation. Already up and growing of course!. 

Members in over 20 countries and growing.

The ECF club for ECF investors. Now Open

A NZ art inspired, farming history themed farm-stay and work experience project for children from all over the world


CO Egc* book-buildING bulletin-board ("BBbb") 

The brands shown below are currently inviting Expressions of Interest from Rule 501 qualifying parties as part of their planning stage, Book-Building (BB) program. All ECF offers will be made solely through a Colorado incorporated IPCOM.

(This is not an offer of securities to any party whatsoever)

Supporting sustainable natural resource taonga economic yield equitability