Club EzySoft - the equity-licensed software for life program for hire and rental industry owner operators - now in over 20 countries

If you have commercialized your proprietary (business) intellectual property to the point that (1) it is delivering verifiable cash flow, is (2) digital economy centric and (3) the business model is scalable through third party day to day management participation from multiple locations than your business is ready for Equity-Licensing.

Globally ECF laws are creating a magnificent alternative to the truly outdated fee-centric franchise model that has been around since the Singer Sewing Machine first started the franchise concept way back in 1851. Wow, talk about time for change! Such an atavistic model. One whose "use-by" is long gone.

The IPCOM pathway above incorporates key aspects of the SCOR-WEST process accepted by the Division of Securities in CO for the registration of offerings of up to $1M under the Rule 504 exemption.

Ladies - let us help you to get that ECF capital you need and then start expanding your business though an Equity Licensing model.

Club EzyXchange - working towards democratizing capital for women owned and operated businesses too!


Looking after the four phases of the ECF cycle through a proper Due Diligence process.


Prepare "true and fair" disclosure documents that will be going out to prospective investors in accordance with State law.


Distribution of these documents to prospective investors through a State registered Intermediary web site. Both non-accredited and accredited investors are eligible.


(1) Delivery of the investment story told to investors (2) ongoing Regulatory compliance and (3) preparing for ongoing capital raising.


Executing on the delivery of a secondary market strategy for non affiliate shareholders.

Club EzyXchange  takes members through the structuring & disclosure steps required to accept investment capital from third parties in a litigious world. After all, Equity Crowdfunding is not just about raising early stage capital. It's also about understanding scalability and applying this to deploying Equity Licensing  to expand your business. Two sources of capital for your business.

Supporting sustainable natural resource taonga economic yield equitability


It just requires a clearly documented pathway for a business that is scalable through third party Equity Participating Management (EPM) 


The perfect compliment to Equity Crowdfunding for capital generating business expansion

CLUB EZYXCHANGE - this is where EGC (Emerging Growth Company) owners embarking  on the external capital raising journey can learn more about what is required at each step of the journey. From that very first FFA support that got you launched, through (1) your ECF (Equity Crowdfunding) round, (2), onto your first Series A round and (3) the rounds that follow on your way to an IPO. True, not every EGC will end up reaching the IPO phase. On the way many events will arise. Some may offer an early exit opportunity. Others may offer expansion opportunities through M&A. Some may enable system expansion through an Equity Participating Management (EPM) model. All of this being good news for your ECF stage investors. Membership of Club EzyXchange will help to prepare the EGC owner for these eventualities through a properly structured corporate ownership that the Clubs "Fees 2 Equity" system instills from day one.


ECF         Equity Crowdfunding

MCV        Monetized Capital Value

IPCOM    Intellectual Property Owning Company (MCV host entity)

EGC        Emerging Growth Company (Title 1 Jobs Act 2012)

EOI          Expression of Interest

IMP          Intermediary Management Program

IPEE        Intellectual Property Equity Engineering

* Subject to Rule 144 irrespective of whether sold intrastate or interstate. Subject to local jurisdictional laws and regulations outside of the US. Watch this space for SEC announcements re Rule 144 in the wake of the release of Title III Rules.


The process is simple. (1) properly structure and capitalize the monetized Intellectual Property of your business, (2) deliver a profitable EPM business package to your EPM participants and (3) give them a transparent exit strategy for their equity.

Linda Brink

Vice President

The EzySoft Club Co


Honey Hut Villages Inc

Club EzyXchange = Equity Crowdfunding + Equity Licensing = two capital generating packages in one!

Creating jobs, restoring whanau wealth and rebuilding rural communities for "Whanau on the Whenua" 

For more information on how an Equity-Licensing club works, contact Linda, our Media and Marketing director who over the past year has firmly established Club-EzySoft as a global Equity-Licensing club in the hire and rental software industry in over 20 countries.  Let Linda help you to do the same for your business too and show you how membership of Club EzyXchange can turn "fees 2 equity" as you (1) raise Equity Crowdfunding and (2) enjoy Equity Licensing derived capital inflows..

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